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April/May 2024                                                                                                                                    Issue #2



        THE SCOOP

Bimonthly Scoop on the Machines We Carry



Humans Still Matter

AI and machine learning have been changing how major companies operate for some time now, fully integrated into products and services in various capacities. In 2024, generative artificial intelligence (AI) will be the next big thing for businesses of all sizes. Generative AI uses algorithms to create content (i.e., video, copy, and imagery) that is indistinguishable from that created by humans. It offers businesses the ability to create and automate customer experiences because it enables data-driven decision-making and a better understanding of consumer behaviors and market dynamics.

Don’t Worry, Humans Still Matter. While big data and AI are becoming indispensable areas for businesses, the human touch is still important. While it becomes more feasible to automate many technical aspects of work, there are still tasks that require a human touch. In 2024, we can expect to see more companies investing in the cultivation of soft skills that have an innate nature, such as communication, teamwork, creativity, work ethic, problem-solving, and thought leadership.


Frank Henderson, CEO



 Find out a little bit about what machines we sell.


A machine that heightens the production capacity and stabilizes quality by automating the hemming process at the T-shirt bottom.

A two or three-needle cover seam machine that can sew the t-shirt bottom
of round garment bodies after the sides of the front and rear garment bodies are joined. Once the hems are placed on the two arms, the applied fabric tension stays even to the end. The bottom hemming takes place with a set needle gauge. A single operator can run two or more sewing machines at the same time. The reduction in wait time between sewing work raises production capacity.


 World’s Top-class Sewing Speed of 2,800 sti/min with High Quality Sewing.


Direct drive programmable electronic pattern sewer with cylinder bed machine. New digital tension allows for a wide variety of threads. Reduction of disposition of thread ends. Various sizes of sewing threads can be used by the new digital tension which increases the setting range of the upper thread tension by 1.7 times compared to conventional machines. Renewed thread trimmer cuts the thread, realizing short remaining threads. The powerful 550w motor outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. If the needle penetration resistance increases, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increases the penetration force.



The 3-in-1 Overlock and Safety Stitch Machines that  Offers High Speed, Stain Free, Dry Finish, and Higher Durability for Sleeve Hemming


Two-needle, four-thread, “Speed & Dry” Overlock machine for general seaming for knitted material. These series realize high productivity through high-speed operation, high-quality garments with a stain-free dry finish, and long lifetime machines, thanks to Yamato’s signature “Speed + Dry” Technology (a.k.a. SD Technology). Yamato’s signature SD Technology guarantees high durability and a high speed of 8,000 sti/min operation.



Small Cylinder Bed for Small Cylinder Goods


PEGASUS EX5114-92M2/223N
Two-needle, four-thread, small cylinder bed, overedger versatile machine. These overedgers perform blind stitch hemming on small cylindrical goods, such as sleeve openings for children’s wear, as well as those for t-shirts. The circumference of the cylinder bed is only 148mm. The top and bottom feed dogs feed the fabric accurately, producing high-quality products with no ply shift and/or twist.




 Lap Seaming, Attaching Waistband, Line Attaching and Inserting Elastic Machine



Multi-needle, flatbed, double chainstitch machine with horizontal looper movement mechanism. DLR series is for mid heavy and heavy weight fabrics. Kansai Special’s unique rear puller mechanism enables DLR series to produce durable and uniform stitches on mid heavy and heavy weight fabrics.


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The Next-Generation Waterless Thread and Yarn Digital Dyeing System


Twine Solutions is proud to announce the launch of TwineX4, the next-generation waterless, thread and yarn digital dyeing system for production. With the TwineX4 system, textile manufacturers can optimize their production process, achieving unmatched levels of accuracy, speed, efficiency, and sustainability. TwineX4 offers the convenience of on-demand, in-house thread, and yarn digital dyeing for small to medium-sized batches, eliminating supply delays. This enables textile manufacturers to enhance their production flexibility, accelerate order fulfillment, and increase capacity to match the fast pace and demands of the fashion industry.



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